Please review and accept the below agreements, regarding the Replenish program and the group interactions, so we can all be safe, supported and comfortable here.

I agree that:

  • REPLENISH is a coaching program and does not provide medical advice.
  • My participation does not establish a doctor-patient relationship with Dr. Amy Day or anyone on the Replenish team.
  • This is for educational purposes only (any changes I make are at my own risk or I will check with my own doctor).
  • I will respect and support the other members positively.
  • I will participate in creating a safe space to be vulnerable.
  • I will not share names or private information outside of this group.
  • I am here to learn and grow, and to allow myself to have “Progress, not Perfection”.
  • I will stay strongly committed to my health, but have self-compassion if I have slips along the way.
  • Getting healthy can be fun! It can feel joyful to take great care of myself 🙂

To access the Replenish Program membership site, please enter your name and email in the form below, place a check to agree to the above Replenish Agreements and click Submit.